Title: It's Written in the Wind
By: Fan #015 Kaz
Dedication: For Annie
Genre: Romance
Rated: PG

Set in Battle City just after the Bakura/Yami Duel, and Seto and Serenity have a little chat.

Annie: Yup thats right - Kaz wrote and dedicated this fantastic piece JUST for ME! *strokes the screen* My preeeecciousssssss lol ^^

Anyway, Kaz does not own Yu-Gi-Oh, but this story is hers.

It's Written in the Wind

By Kaz

“Please Kaiba, Bakura is hurt. Is not his health worth more than a game? He needs a doctor badly.”

Seto growled slightly as he heard one of Yugi’s friends plead to land the blimp and take Bakura to a hospital... like he had time for that, he had a tournament to win. He had already told the mutt and Yugi that he wasn’t about to land and then this girl bows in front of him and asks him.

Shifting his head to the side, he realized that he had not seen this one before, not that he paid attention much to Yugi and his band of cheerleaders but this one was different, she had this innocence all around her.

Huffing, he stood up and was about to tell them to get out when he turned and accidentally looked within her eyes. Gentle, innocent and pure was the only way he could describe them, absolutely no hatred was located in them. It seems the hardness and reality of the world had not changed her. He felt himself drowning as each second locked between them, increased an unknown feeling inside him. Perhaps it was because she reminded him of Mokuba in a way or perhaps it was something else. Not wanting to dwell more on this thought, as it made him slightly uncomfortable, he walked to the phone and punched in a number.

“Send a medic to Bakura’s room,” he growled, slamming down the phone, he returned to his seat and refused to look at anyone.

“A medic?” He heard Joey ask.

“Yeah Kaiba Corp. has the best medic’s even better than a hospital. Don’t worry Bakura’s in good hands.” Mokuba provided with a smile.

Seto sighed in relief as he heard them all leave his room; they had really begun to annoy him, leaning back his chair, he closed his eyes when a pair of honey brown eyes flashed across his mind. Opening his eyes in shock, he let out an annoyed breath, ‘This wasn’t good,’ he concluded.

Outside Kaiba room Joey, Yugi and Serenity watched with an amused expression, as Tristan led Duke to the upstairs platform.

Watching them leave, Serenity sighed as she thought back to then events just happened, ‘At least Kaiba ordered medic to Bakura’s room. He can’t be as bad as Joey says he is. I think he is just misunderstood but why does he act like that?’

She was shaken out of her thoughts when she heard her brother calling her name.

“Hmm?” She asked, still half in her thoughts.

“You coming or are you going to stay out here for the night?”

Looking at her brother, she smiled at the expression he was giving her and shook her head, “Actually Joey, I thought of stopping and seeing Tea, I won’t be long.”

Joey nodded an okay, before him and Yugi walked off and left the petite girl alone.

Once she had seen them disappear from her vision, she took a deep breath, before turning around and knocked on the door of the enigmatic CEO.

Hearing a grunt, she took this as sign for entering, walking into the elaborate room, she felt her breath catch in throat as she stopped before Kaiba.

Seeing him raise an eyebrow at her, she began to curse herself, ‘What was I thinking coming back in here? I don’t even know why I did.’

Rubbing her hands together in a nervous fashion, she stumbled out with, “W-where is Mokuba?”

Kaiba huffed, before saying, “He has gone back upstairs to over look the pathetic fools running this blimp.”

Serenity mouthed an O, before laughing slightly and saying, “He’s an amazing kid, Joey told me about Duellist kingdom and then about the whole virtual game and well I think how you look after him is also amazing and…”

She however got no further as, “You don’t know anything about us, must you pry into other people’s business?”

Serenity fought back the tears as she heard the older Kaiba shout at her, but she couldn’t deny what he said was true, she didn’t know anything about them, not really.

“You are right Kaiba I am sorry I shouldn’t have sounded like I knew everything about you, it’s just I see Joey in you,” Hearing him snort at this, she carried on with, “No really, they way you look after Mokuba is how he is with me, we were separated when we were younger so he is really protective of me.”

Seto frowned as he heard that, just the thought of someone taking Mokuba made him feel numb inside, his brother was everything to him.

“Why were you separated?” He heard himself ask, the curiosity too much.

“Parents,” was the only answer he got.

There was a slight silence before Serenity got up and walked to the window, “It is so beautiful,” she mused, as she saw the diamond like stars within the sky.

Hearing him snort, she turned around and narrowed her eyes, while saying, “You shouldn’t take it for granted, believe me, you shouldn’t.”

Seeing him tilt his head in interest, she added, “I can only see thanks to my brother and Yugi, if it wasn’t for them I would be blind right now.”

“Oh,” was all the brown haired, blued eyed CEO could say. He was finally realising that not everyone was how he perceived them.

“Can I ask a question, why do you keep yourself so distant? Does it not get lonely for you being alone?”

“Apart from Mokuba I don’t need anyone else; sooner or later they will just end up betraying you. I don’t need anyone but myself.”

“I think it’s a real shame you think like that because if you opened your eyes to see, you would find just what great friends you are missing out on. I know you don’t like Yugi and them all much but they are best friends I ever had.”

“I can’t have friends,” he whispered, almost inaudible to the human ear. Serenity frowned as she picked up on that and moved to sit on the sofa beside him.


Kaiba growled to himself and shifted uncomfortable, he hated showing ay signs of weakness, he hadn’t for years and now this nobody girl comes along and manages to make him remember.

‘I should have just kicked her out from the start,’ he thought, but for some he didn’t.

“Kaiba?” he heard her whisper, “Please tell me, I am not going to run around and tell everyone.”

“It’s not that,” he stumbled out.

“If you’re worried that showing signs of emotions make you weak then you are wrong, showing emotions never makes anyone weak, it takes a stronger person to show what he is feeling that to hide. Hiding and bottling it all up won’t solve anything; it will always be there in the end, the only way to get rid of it is to confront it.”

Seto locked eyes again with Serenity, Serenity smiled as she saw Kaiba’s eyes finally show his true feelings; they were full of hurt and betrayal not to mention slight fear, placing a hand on his cheek, she told him, “Tell me.”

And so he told her, everything from the orphanage to Gozaburo and all the things he did to him, from the dungeons and the beatings to living in constant fear. For what seemed like a life to him he spilled everything out, all the trauma’s and his fears, his fear for Mokuba ending up to be like him and him not being enough for his brother. He also told her that he was scared that Gozaburo was right and he was worthless and unworthy of friends.

“And so in the end I thought that I didn’t need anyone. I couldn’t show him I was weak and I still refuse to; I will not let him win.”

Serenity, who hadn’t said anything for the entire duration of while Seto was speaking, simply reached forward and placed his head on her chest, stroking his hair while comforting him.

“Kaiba, no one should have had to go through what you did, it was wrong and mean. But by keeping yourself all angry inside you are letting him win. Staying alone you are proving him right in his thinking that you are unworthy when we all know that is not true. He was wrong Kaiba very wrong, but you are wrong too by doing this.”

Seeing his raise his head from out of her hold, she kept her hands in his hair and she smiled sadly, his eyes still showing endless dept of hurt yet also there was something else perhaps…relief ?

“Try to make friends,” she whispered, “If that’s too hard then just start out as being civil to them.”

“They all hate me,” was the reply she got back.

“No they don’t hate you, they don’t understand you and so they act like that but you know if you try to, you can get along with them all.”

“I –I don’t know,” he whispered, in his confusing of assessing the problem, he unknowingly drew nearer to her, face just mere centimetres.

“You will when the time comes,” she told him, her breath slightly heavy as they both drew nearer and nearer, “I know…”

The rest of the sentence was lost however as the mere gap between them was lost as they met within a kiss.

His hands moving and grabbing her waist while hers clutched at the tendrils of his hair, they both drowned in the moment, both experiencing a new, unknown, un-adventure feeling.

The first kiss between anyone is always special; maybe for these two it was even more as both had been subjected to cruelty of life, losing parents or being separated, maybe that’s why for this one moment Kaiba let his guard down knowing that in all truth he couldn’t change, not now, but for this one moment in time he was truly happy he had found someone who hadn’t turned and ran.

Breaking apart, an undying heat lingered between them and actions came into realisation.

Both not knew what to say as in all truth they couldn’t say it was not wanted.

After a very slight silence, Serenity stood up saying, “I have to go….Joey will be wondering where I am.”

Seto nodded as he saw the rescuer of his fears walk out the door, before leaving he told her, “It is hard to believe you are Wheeler’s sister.”

”And it is hard to believe that Mokuba is your brother.”

Walking out the door, she smiled as she walked to her brother’s room thinking, ‘There is hope for you yet Kaiba. It is never too late to change.”

Laughing, she brushed her hair behind her ear not seeing a small bright spark flash behind her, had she have turned around, she would have seen the falling star perhaps also agreeing with her and writing it in the wind.

The End