The fanlisting for the relationship between Kaiba Seto & Kawai Shizuka was launched on December 31, 2003 ♥

It is entitled Silentshipping, which is the popular fandom name for this pairing. It most likely was inspired by their personalities, as both are on the quiet side. It can also be meant literally, as Shizuka is a minor character and interactions between the two are rare. I love the name as it gives their relationship an image of maturity and intelligence ♥

Version 8 Rakuen features screencaps from the infamous blimp scene. I keep reusing these images but it was the magical scene that launched this pairing and it's literally the only time they interact T_T I wanted a sky blue theme with a light and dreamy design ♪ Launched on August 26, 2020.


 (Series) Yuugiou Duel Monsters Character: Atemu Character: Kaiba Seto Character: Kawai Shizuka Character: Kisara Relationship: Atemu & Anzu Yuugiou 5D's: Izayoi Aki Yuugiou 5D's: Yusei & Aki

Strawberry Fantasy: a Yuugiou Shrine


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