What if...

Ever wonder how beautiful a child would turn out if her parents were Seto and Shizuka? Well, look no further!

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In the new Yuugiou GX series, there is a whole new cast and storyline. Its set in Seto's new Duel Academy, a school for the elite duelists. One of the main characters is Asuka - the spitting image of Seto and Shizuka put together!

No, she isn't actually their offspring... But many people have pointed out the similarities - physically and personality-wise.

Like mother, like daughter...

Asuka and Shizuka share similar soft, hazel-grey eyes.

Shizuka is known for being shy, soft-spoken, and feminine. Asuka is a tough duelist at the Duel Academy, and she's not exactly shy. But in Sho-kun's daydream, he dreams of Asuka as this sweet, tender girl - like Shizuka!

Like father, like daughter...

She stole Kaiba's hairstyle! Look how strikingly similar it is to Seto's. Her hair is a bit longer, but its basically the same.

Aww, its daddy's little girl! Like I mentioned earlier, Asuka is not a weakling. She's smart, self-confident, and a pretty tough duelist too! Seto must've raised her all right. I mean, if Seto were to actually have a girl, he would raise her to be a strong, intelligent duelist like himself, and nothing less. She is the female Kaiba. Daddy would be so proud.