Here are the SxS fics that have kindly been submitted to me. Listed alphabetically by author.

Thanks to Kaz, Tinyflyer02, Eanju, and Dena Setsuko for their SetoxShizuka fics!


Dena Setsuko




    Title: It's Written in the Wind
    Genre: Romance
    Rated: PG
    Summary: Set in Battle City just after the Bakura/Yami Duel, and Seto and Serenity have a little chat. One shot.


    Title: When Brown Eyes Meet Blue
    Genre: Romance
    Rated: G
    Summary: It is about Seto and Serenity's thoughts of each other. One Shot.

    Title: Until Angels Close My Eyes
    Genre: Romance
    Rated: G
    Summary: It is about a girl and her brother who was dying of cancer and she meets someone unexpected. The unexpected person who treats her brother unkindly ends up falling for her. SxS and JoeyxMai