Kaiba Seto

NameKaiba Seto
BirthdateOctober 25
Height186 cm
Weight65 kg
OccupationStudent, CEO

Kaiba Seto is one of the main characters of Yuugiou, and is the the eternal archrival of Yugi. He is cold and ruthless, but he had a tragic childhood, so maybe that explains why he doesn't trust people so easily. But there is good in him.

His Childhood

Seto lost both his parents early in his childhood, and was sent to the orphanage with his younger brother, Mokuba. He was exceptionally intelligent, and all the families wanted to adopt Seto, but he refused to separate from Mokuba.

One day, Kaiba Gozaburo, president of Kaiba Corporation, came by the orphanage for publicity purposes and was challenged to a game of chess by Seto. Gozaburo lost, and as part of the deal, he agreed to adopt both Seto and Mokuba.

But it wasn't all fun and games. Gozaburo knew that Seto would one day inherit Kaiba Corp from him so he forced him to study all the time and took away all his toys. Slowly, Seto became colder and developed into the ruthless businessman we all know today. Seto eventually outsmarted his stepfather and became the new CEO at the age of 15.


Seto craves power and has the determination to make things happen.

His passion is Duel Monsters, a card game in which he was the reigning World Champion until Yugi handily defeats him. Now, all he wants is to reclaim his title as the #1 duelist.

His favorite card is the powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon. He holds 3 of only 4 in the world, and he went to great lengths to destroy the 4th one that Yugi's Grandpa had, so that he would be the only one wielding its control.

When he learned of the existence of the 3 legendary god cards and got his hands on the Obelisk, he becomes obsessed with getting the other two and creates the Battle City Tournament in order to win them for himself.

Kaiba Corp specialized in dangerous military weaponry in the past, but Seto turned it around and focused on taking games to a whole new level. He created the famous duel disks and brought the card game alive with Kaiba Corp's hi-tech software. He also sponsors duel tournaments, and created a Duel Monsters-themed amusement park, and dreams of opening more around the world.

Brotherly Bond

Underneath his icy cold personality, Seto does have a heart - which is evident in the way he looks after his younger brother. They grew up in tough times together, and only have each other to depend on in this world. Mokuba is the only person he can completely trust, and Seto has become more of a father figure to him.

In the Duelist Kingdom arc, when Pegasus and the Big 5 kidnapped Mokuba, Seto lost his soul to Pegasus in an attempt to save him (Yami had to save them both). And who could forget the touching moment in Noa's Virtual World arc when the boys reunited after Mokuba had been brainwashed by Noa?

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