Two Silent Hearts...

WARNING: This is just for fun!
Please don't take this seriously! ^^;

Somewhere beneath that arrogance, there might be a guy who can open up to love. Why? Well, take a guy who's had a tragic childhood and lived a life of isolation on his ambitious drive to the top. Then take a sweet, but naive girl whose heart knows no evil, and put them together. What you might get is Seto warming up to Shizuka, who in turn gives her whole heart to him.

Case #1: He loves power, she needs a man.

Seto is in love with power and enjoys being the one in control. So why would he subject himself to a bossy woman in a relationship?

Shizuka is a shy, sweet girl who has lived a pretty sheltered life, so she would probably be attracted to a man who can protect her. He is already used to taking care of others (Mokuba), so she would be secured for life.

Case #2: Behind every great man is a great woman.

He is a true workaholic, and lives for the glory. He constantly pushes himself to the limit, and probably forgets to eat and shower sometimes. He needs someone who understands that work is his #1 priority.

She is the type to provide the constant and loving support from the background, has the patience to deal with him and remind him that life is more important than a duel, and most importantly, she wouldn't make him choose between work and love.

Case #3: Do you trust me?

As a defense, he protects himself by trusting no one. He also has to constantly watch out for gold diggers and rivals who want to take him down.

She is not a duelist nor a businesswoman, so she does not pose as a threat to his hard-earned assets. She is as loyal as you can get - she would never betray others, and she doesn't have anything to gain in his empire. This might allow him to lower his guard and relax around her.

Case #4: Two silent hearts.

His ruthless skills brought him success, but being at the top also isolates him from the world. He doesn't have any friends, and most likely has never thought about love. He is a man of few words, and his pride would stop him from doing anything crazy for love.

She is fortunate to be surrounded by loving family and friends, and her strength lies in taking care of and supporting others. By simply being herself, she can subtly teach him about love and be the pillar of support for him, without asking for anything in return.

Case #5: A new beginning.

They do not really know each other, so they do not have biased opinions against the other. This may work to their advantage because Shizuka would not be afraid to go up and talk to Seto (like she did in the infamous blimp scene), whereas any normal person would steer clear of him. As for Seto, he just might find himself enjoying this simple, mysterious company.


The reality is, Seto rarely ever lets anyone get close to him, and he distrusts people for the most part. Oh yeah, he can be an arrogant jerk too. With that kind of attitude, it's no wonder he has no friends.

And how can you forget the eternal rivalry between Seto and Jounouchi, her older brother? Knowing how much he hates Seto, Shizuka would never associate herself with him... Or would she..?

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